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Here at UK Washrooms we work hard to design and build new modern cubicles, using our 30 year experience to totally transform your washrooms cubicles. We offer piece of mind. Simple contact us with your all cubicle requirements. Contact us either by email or phone 01535 630776 or fax your Complete washroom quote request to 01535 630827

Toilet cubiclesHere at Complete Washrooms we take all the organisation required to construct your washrooms. We directly employ all our plumbers and electricians and use only tried and tested flooring and heating contractors to help who we have used for many years and trust their workmanship.

If you are looking for a detailed washroom quote to include cubicles, then email your cubicle request to UK Washrooms.

Our washroom cubicles are made from 13mm solid grade laminate panels which is impervious to moisture and does not require edging. It can be cleaned with common cleaning materials. We only offer the best products because for you only the best will do.

Email your UK Washrooms details or call tel: 01535 630776 fax: 01535 630827

Our washroom cubicles come in a range of colours. Full details can be found on our colours page. Below we show example of what can be achieved with colours. Only quality anodised aluminium fittings are used in our cubicle range. If you are just looking for fittings, try our sister web site ukcubicles fittings range.

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If you want to renew or build a new washroom using a full service company then contact us. We offer piece of mind, experience.

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